Draw Arduino Logo

This example uses the drawing functions of the VidorGFX library to recreate on screen our beloved logo, in a stylized form. The functions available for the graphics generation are the same of the Adafruit_GFX library.

Hardware Required


There is no circuit for this example.



Include the Vidor_GFX library, which is part of VidorGraphics. #include "VidorGraphics.h" #include "Vidor_GFX.h"

To manage graphics on screen you need to create an object with Vidor_GFX vdgfx; then all the functions will refer to that object. In our example we draw circles, rectangles and lines, with some added text. The screen resolution used for this example is 640 x 480 pixels and all the primitives are used with this coordinate system as reference.

The complete sketch is below and you find it in the examples from Libraries, under VidorGraphics :

#include "VidorGraphics.h"
#include "Vidor_GFX.h"

Vidor_GFX  vdgfx;

void setup() {


  // wait for the serial monitor to open,

  // if you are powering the board from a USB charger remove the next line

  while (!Serial);

  // Initialize the FPGA

  if (!FPGA.begin()) {

    Serial.println("Initialization failed!");

    while (1) {}



void loop()


  *  Draw an Arduino logo


  // Fill the screen with a white background



  *  The library allows drawing some basic elements to the view, like circles, rectangles, lines


  vdgfx.fillCircle(225,225,100 ,vdgfx.lightBlue());

  vdgfx.fillCircle(415,225,100 ,vdgfx.lightBlue());

  vdgfx.fillCircle(225,225,90 ,vdgfx.White());

  vdgfx.fillCircle(415,225,90 ,vdgfx.White());

  vdgfx.fillRect(175,220,100,10 ,vdgfx.lightBlue());

  vdgfx.fillRect(365,220,100,10 ,vdgfx.lightBlue());

  vdgfx.fillRect(410,175,10,100 ,vdgfx.lightBlue());


  *  To draw a text we can use the classic functions like write() and print()

  *  Text size, color and position can be changed using the .text subclass










  while (1) {


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For more details on the Arduino MKR Vidor 4000, see the product page.

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