Enable Camera

This example activates a compatible camera connected to the MIPI Camera Connector and routes the image in real time to the microHDMI connector. It is a very basic example that shows how simple may be the usage of the advanced features of the Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 board.

Hardware Required


There is no circuit for this example.



Include the VidorCamera library, which is part of VidorGraphics. #include "VidorGraphics.h" #include "VidorCamera.h"

You have a number of functions available to create and manage the camera stream.

  • VidorCamera() - initilize object

  • int begin() - initilize cam and starts streaming; return 0 if failed

  • int end() - stops streaming and shutdown camera

  • int enableStream() - explicitely enable stream

  • int disableStream() - exclicitely disable stream

  • int modelDetect(void) - detect the attached camera model

In our example we create the object vcam and then we simply enable I2C communication and initialize the camera with the vcam.begin() function. Please note that this function returns a value and we use it to print out an error message if initialization fails.

When the video stream is active and it is routed to the HDMI port, you can stop the video opening the serial monitor and typing STOP. This activates the vcam.end(); function.

The complete sketch is below and you find it in the examples from Libraries, under VidorGraphics :

#include "VidorGraphics.h"
#include "VidorCamera.h"

VidorCamera vcam;

void setup() {


  // wait for the serial monitor to open,

  // if you are powering the board from a USB charger remove the next line

  while (!Serial) {}

  if (!FPGA.begin()) {

    Serial.println("Initialization failed!");

    while (1) {}


  // begin() enables the I2C communication and initializes the camera

  if (!vcam.begin()) {

    Serial.println("Camera begin failed");

    while (1) {}



  Serial.println("Power On");

  // The camera should be on now, streaming to the HDMI output

void loop()

  // Wait for the user input to stop the camera

  String res = Serial.readStringUntil('\n');

  if (res.indexOf("STOP") > 0) {



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For more details on the Arduino MKR Vidor 4000, see the product page.

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